karl heinrich marx

  Though I haven’t read much by him, I’ve always liked the little I’ve read by Hans Magnus Enzensberger. Today, I came across the his poem ‘karl heinrich marx’ in an English translation and then went through some trouble tracking it down in the German original. The trouble was worthwhile, though, as it reads infinitely better … Continue reading karl heinrich marx

Themistocles wallpaper

As you might notice when you come onto this site, I really like the ancient Athenian stateman Themistocles (so much so that the preliminary title for my PhD dissertation on Marx’s Young Hegelianism is ‘The Themistocles of Communism’). It originally began when I came upon a quote by Marx in the prepatory materials for his … Continue reading Themistocles wallpaper

On Why I’ve Removed My Work From Academia.edu

Today, I removed everything I had uploaded to the Academia.edu website. I have kept my profile there (with a small statement on why I will not upload any of my work to the site), but only to serve as an access point to this website. Academia.edu is as predatory on academia as pay-to-publish journals and … Continue reading On Why I’ve Removed My Work From Academia.edu

Slagmark #77: “Karl Marx”

Recently, I edited a volume of the Danish journal for the history of ideas, Slagmark, where I serve on the editorial board, together with my colleague Tobias Dias, who is a Ph.D. in the History of Ideas in my department. We had a lot of great contributions, and though the volume was more than two months … Continue reading Slagmark #77: “Karl Marx”