Hello, world!

I am not quite sure what I’m going to do with the blog function of this website yet. I suppose I’d want to post short reflections on my research and the nature and practice of the history of philosophy as such, as well as on academia in general. Perhaps there’ll also be room for some personal, philosophical musings of the armchair variety.

For sure, though, even though I’m a political person and use Twitter, for example, for political purposes as well as academic, you will see no political posts here (the exception being posts on Marx and contemporary debates in Marxism, which tend, of course, to become political by their nature).

As for the general purpose of this website, in the first order it is to be visible. In the second order, I also hope to provide ressources for others with an interest in Marx and  Hegelianism, especially the Young Hegelians.

I guess we’ll see if and when another blog post arrives. In the meantime, I leave you with a link to Peter Adamson’s excellent 20 Rules for the History of Philosophy, which I sorta try to adhere to in my work.



Ps. Here’s a Calvin & Hobbes strip on academia I like:

© Bill Waterson. Reproduced without any kind of permission whatsoever.

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